Monday, July 7, 2014

Lessons from the Road: No NASCAR for me.

  • A Friday night margarita is not, unfortunately, carb-loading.
  • Powerade Gels probably both taste like and have the same texture as Nickelodeon Slime.  They are made exponentially worse when they've sat in your hydration belt for an hour in 90 degree heat.  Does anyone want my collection of gels?  (No offense to anyone who likes them!)
  • I have come to the realization that I would not, in fact, make a great race car driver.  I can not run the same loop over and over.  It bores me to absolute tears.  RIP, NASCAR career.
  • My Instagram feed is now 1/3 friends, 1/3 Disneyland, and 1/3 pro/novice runners, bloggers and running gear feeds.  This both excites and also scares me.  WHO AM I?!
  • Whenever I come across a puddle on a run, I have a long internal argument - run through, cool down and get blisters, or slow down, avoid, and stay hot?  Still up for debate.
  • I still cannot drink red Gatorade.  Thanks, Labor Day Alcohol Poisoning 2006!


  1. Powerade Gels are my jam! Only the fruity flavors though (I'm partial to green apple and tangerine). I also love red Gatorade. Glad we still somehow manage to make our friendship work!

    1. I had the green apple and it was awful! But, again, it had also been in my neoprene pouch for an hour in the 90 degree heat, so not exactly the temperature I'd want to eat it at. I'll ship you the rest of my stash. :)

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